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With Our Forces Combined

by BEYOND INTERNATIONAL on August 26, 2022

BEYOND International is always happy to get feedback from our customers and their clients. Over the last year, we have had great feedback about our Max5 and Osmo teeth whitening gels being used as a combination treatment for some patients.

BEYOND’s MAX5 treatment gel is our most popular in-office teeth whitening kit, which includes the essentials for chairside teeth bleaching; featuring our 35% hydrogen peroxide advanced formula whitening gel which produces dramatic, glossy, white results. The dual barrel syringe with static mixing tip makes application easy. Each syringe includes enough gel for three cycles and contains special ingredients to reduce the risk of sensitivity. The static mixing tip provides a one-step gel application, and the gel's proprietary formula improves oral health while whitening. The BEYOND OSMO is a 6% hydrogen peroxide premium whitening gel formula. The OSMO features a safe, advanced formula gel that can be used in-office without gingival protection.

Regional Account Manager Radjaa Zerguine says that the combination of the 6% and 35% hydrogen peroxide gels are effective in treating complicated dental cases. Clients with difficult discoloration can be a challenge for dentists. The patients want a beautiful uniform white smile, which can be difficult to achieve when only using the 35% hydrogen peroxide due to the fact that a gingival barrier is needed to treat with such a high concentration. Beyond’s BlueSeal creates a precise gingival barrier required with the use of dental grade teeth whitening gels and this barrier overlaps the tooth and can leave a yellowish edge along the gum line.

Zerguine says the combination of the 6% and 35% gels is the trick to achieving that beautiful uniform white smile. “Start with the Osmo gel to lighten the whole tooth without gingival protection. The first session should last 20 minutes under the POLUS Advanced Whitening Accelerator.” Then apply the BlueSeal gingival protection for the second and third sessions. These should last 15 minutes each and use the MAX5 whitening gel to achieve even whiter results. “Based on research and practice, our material is very safe, and patients will see the results.”

Another option for using this combination is using the 35% as the initial treatment and then using the Osmo as a follow-up or touch up treatment every three months. Some dentists have been using the Osmo gel as a substitute for the 35% gels for their patients with sensitive teeth or thin enamel. The comfort of the patient is always their top priority.