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BEYOND MAX5 Solution Treatment Kit
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BEYOND MAX5 Solution Treatment Kit

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Rebuild, Strengthen, and Whiten Formula

- Please refrigerate the product immediately upon arrival. -

The BEYOND® Max5® Solution Treatment Kit is a revolutionary new product, combining our most popular in-office teeth whitening kit and a specially formulated RS gel to reduce known sensitivity of some patients. This kit includes our same dual-barrel syringe W Gel 1 with 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and our specially formulated RS Gel 2 that contains desensitizing ingredients. This combination of potassium nitrate and hydroxyapatite offers enamel regeneration and restoration. When combined, the strength of both gels reduce the hydrogen peroxide concentration to 6% and helps aid in the reduction of sensitivity, as well as remineralization of the enamel. This kit includes the essentials for chairside teeth bleaching of five patients. A typical treatment is three consecutive cycles of 15-20 minutes each, combined with light acceleration. This kit includes enough gel for three cycles. Using the RS gel alone enables patients to overcome any hypersensitivity in a very short time after treatment and does not require the use of the accelerator. The result is excellent whitening results coupled with little to no sensitivity for those undergoing the treatment. FOR BEST RESULTS, USE WITH BEYOND® ACCELERATOR.


 This product is to be used in dental office settings ONLY.
  • Features our popular 35% H2O2 W Gel 1 formula whitening gel
  • Our specially formulated RS Gel contains special ingredients to reduce the risk of sensitivity
  • The combination of the two gels rebuilds, strengthen, and whitens tooth enamel
  • Gel’s proprietary formula improves oral health while whitening
  • Produces dramatic glossy, white results
  • Clinically proven results

Kit Contents

5 Max5 Solution W Gel 1 dual-barrel syringes (2.6g / 2.2 mL)

5 Max5 Solution RS Gel (11g / 9.5mL)

5 Mixing tips

5 Spatulas

5 Brushes

5 Mixing Jars

5 Face Protection Cloths

1 instruction manual

5 Vita Shade Guides

5 After-treatment guides